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...But one day I was tempted to visit Akaka Falls State Park and did not regret it in the slightest...Read more

Amazing and unique Hawaiian Islands attract tourists not only for its beautiful beaches and warm ocean, but also for its harsh, frightening and at the same time inviting volcanoes...Read more

Hawaii is like Paradise: sprawling palms, soft sand, rich nature, menacing volcanoes, incredible underwater scenery, colorful exotic flowers and, of course, endless crystal clean ocean...Read more

People from different countries and cultures go for Hawaii not only to enjoy the endless summer, clear waters and stunning scenery, but also to satisfy their gastronomic needs. Here you can enjoy not just the calm atmosphere of the island, but also exquisite dishes of local cuisine...Read more

Hawaii Islands is an ideal place for those seeking for exotic, new emotions and adventures, a place which many of us associate with the magic of wild nature...Read more

You can spend hours watching hundreds of tropical fish swimming around you...Read more

Islands... There is such an irresistible childish attraction to these little pieces of land. Everyone wants adventure, danger, romance...Read more

Hawai'i has a lot of possibilities for a great honeymoon. You can take a romantic trip across the picturesque valleys or hike together through an emerald rainforest...Read more

Majestic views of Kauai admire and inspire every tourist. The "Garden Island" is considered as the most spectacular of the Hawaiian Islands and is about...Read more

Maui is considered one of the most popular islands among tourists and honeymooners as this is a paradise for those who love outdoor activities. Here you can make an underwater...Read more

Molokai Island with its historical capital Kalaupapa is the place where you will feel real Hawaiian spirit. This island attracts not so many tourists as Maui or the Big Island but this is its highlight...Read more

Oahu is the most visited place in Hawaii. This island is sometimes called "The Gathering Place" as it is the home of the values and traditions of the Hawaiian people. None of the Hawaiian Islands has such diversity in entertainment. Aloha Tower, Pearl Harbor...Read more

Lanai is a fascinating corner of the Hawaiian Islands where the honeymooners can enjoy the peace and beauty. Lanai is considered the most secluded island of the whole archipelago. The island is also known...Read more